The End of Homo Sapiens: And the Birth of a New Species presents a compelling account of the spiritual awakening of humanity.  By sharing his own personal story as well as case stories, Thomas Beck convinces us that a phase-transition to a higher-order species, Homo sapiens lumina, has already begun.
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  • Testimonials

    Carlene (62-year-old): Stage-3, moderate Kidney Disease

    Complete recovery of kidney function

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    After Thomas’s single, 30-min. treatment, Carlene went into a deep, relaxed state sitting on a park picnic table. Kidney creatinine levels returned to normal at 2 months, and kidney function remains normal at the 2-year mark — a kidney recovery that typically does not happen. She continues to swim 38 laps most days in an Olympic-size pool.

  • Victoria (27 year old): Deep Vein Thrombosis

    Recovery: “No reflux in my legs whatsoever … It’s amazing!”

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    “When you first started, it felt like thousands of tiny magnets all throughout my legs. I felt a cooling sensation in the areas with pain … like, cool liquid flowing through the veins of my right leg.”

    “I was told that I needed to have surgery on my right leg for chronic venous insufficiency reflux. And that I needed to have the same surgery in my ovarian vein on my left side for pelvic inflammatory syndrome … and possibly lose the ability to have children if I had surgery. A month later I wanted another ultrasound on my legs and pelvis because I don’t want to have the surgery if at all possible. So they just did it, and the tech and my doctor both said THERE IS NO NEED FOR SURGERY, there is no reflux in my legs whatsoever. And that the left ovarian vein has very minimal reflux. So there is no point in having traumatic surgery that could alter the rest of my life. It’s all gone!”

    “I just want to thank you! Today I walked my kids to the café and back, cleaned out the car, took a shower, cooked lunch, and I fully intend to do the laundry (up and down stairs)! My legs have never felt this good!!

  • Keinbock’s Disease (nerve damage in hand & wrist)

    Prognosis: Decline in functions, surgery

    Recovery of nerve sensations; full functioning wrist.

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    Keinbock’s genetic disorder:  Necrosis of wrist bone from lack of blood supply.

    Margie (42 year old): “In early winter of 2014, my wrist was very stiff and started to feel weak. It was hard to use my left hand. I had Keinbock’s disease, there really is no ‘cure.’

    Almost immediately, I felt great warmth.  I could feel things ‘moving.’ I had the distinct sensation that there were two of the same poles of magnets pushing/repelling smack dab in the middle of my palm. It was very intense.”

    In the next session, I felt warmth radiating on the edge of my palm. I again had that sensation of my arm/wrist/palm being ‘activated.’ The sofa where my elbow was resting was literally hot to the touch. After that session, I was waking up with no pain, and could do yoga without my brace.”

    Margie also reported seeing a bright blue-green aura surrounding Thomas.

  • Arthritis and shoulder pain; gall bladder discomfort

    Remission of all symptoms

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    Thomas only did EMDR for childhood trauma, but not intentional energy work.

    Arlene (66-year-old): “I felt the “energy” in my [arthritic] hands. I laid my hands on my thighs palms up. And they got very warm. Then I felt a pulsing, throbbing sensation and tingling. My hands were generating a lot of energy. The next day my hands felt GREAT. Really strong. Not sore and achy like they usually are after doing yard work. That shoulder pain is gone, absolutely gone.”

    Arlene’s gall bladder had been problematic for 15 years. Suddenly that chronic pain was gone.

  • Darlene: Eczema, an autoimmune condition

    Recovery: Elimination of eczema symptoms

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    “I felt extreme cold in my shoulders and hands, and my forearms and hands felt tingly.” [The energy] was kind of electric, like needles and pins all over. And then it was like a swirling energy that was definitely counter-clockwise. It was like my feet were a magnet made out of metal. At the end it was kind of a dreamlike sensation.

    I saw a blue light above Dr. Beck’s head. I woke up this morning and for the first time in days the skin around my eyes was not cracking, creased and inflamed! I had developed a bad rash in my armpits Monday night. I have an autoimmune condition called eczema. It was weeping clear fluid, and was red and raised. But after the energy treatment on Tuesday, it went away – totally! Hasn’t come back. I am happy about that.”

  • Bernice: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

    Recovery: Significant increase in energy

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    “I noticed right away an increase in energy.  It lasted maybe through the next few days. Normally my energy level is maybe a four. I think this put me to an eight. It doubled.

    I felt the energy very strongly. It came in several surges. First there was a sweeping motion back and forth along the length of my body. Then I felt surges of energy on the upper abdomen, and the upper chest and neck.”

    Bernice felt significantly more energy for several days; friends noticed her improved energy levels. She said it felt like the treatment was “rearranging all of my internal organs.”

  • Marlene: Hip pain

    Recovery: Significant pain reduction

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    Marlene felt “heaviness throughout my body during the work. Also, like something was moving inside my hip, repairing itself. I felt spacey when I stood up to leave but very calm and present. After I left the office, I felt very calm but with a lot of energy. Lots of positive thoughts and a lot of hope for life. I even got all green traffic lights. Pain was 95% gone for the first 4 hours. The next morning the pain was [back to] 50% but not as bad as before. I did not need to take a pain pill.”

  • Miri: Chronic asthma; shoulder pain

    Recovery: Cleared lungs with increased energy

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    “Thank you so much for the healing treatment yesterday! I have had an unusual amount of energy and my lungs have been clearer and no more shoulder pain. What an exciting new chapter! Thank you for sharing your gift with me!”

    “I remembered after our session that I had an experience with a Being a few years ago who gave me a “tune up” energetically. I wanted to share that with you because I had the same feeling when you were doing the energy work.”

  • Bursitis in both knees; prostate issues

    Recovery: Short-term elimination of prostate issues

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    Thomas had focused on treating Raymond’s knees, but the energy resolved his prostate issues. This life-force energy often goes where it needs to go.

    Raymond entered an altered state as he felt energy moving in his body. After 15 minutes, he was in an expanded state of consciousness.

  • Dental surgery and breast pain from past surgery

    Recovery: Relieved dental pain

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    Jean felt warmth in her solar plexus, upper chest, and throat as Thomas focused on her jaw prior to, and after dental bone surgery. She felt warmth on left jaw, face and throat and side near breast, site of a lumpectomy 16 years earlier.

    “I felt pressure on my chest during the session.  It was not uncomfortable. Also, tingles in my hands and feet, and warmth in various areas. Though my eyes were closed, I guessed that’s where your hands were above me.”

    After the first session, her hands remained very hot. Even as she talked about it, her hands began to heat up. The more she talked, the warmer they got. Her forehead was perspiring. Thomas’s hands began to heat up, too.

  • George: Severe back pain

    Recovery: Spontaneously alleviated pain

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    George had a bad cold and threw his back out coughing. He looked like he was in pain. As they stood in his office doorway talking, Thomas began feeling tension in his left hand that more intense until George left. Fifteen minutes later, George called on his cell phone, saying that suddenly his back pain had become significantly less as he was getting into his car. Somehow Thomas’s left hand worked on George without either one realizing it, as they stood in the hallway.

  • 14 yr. old Wheezy: Severe Feline Diabetes

    Prognosis: Loss of function, resulting in loss of life

    Recovery: Normal sugar level and kidney function

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    Wheezy was diagnosed with severe feline diabetes, and was prescribed an insulin dose twice daily. She collapsed at her water bowl a week later and nearly died from an overdose of insulin. Thomas did energy balancing several times; a few weeks later her blood sugar went from 500 back to 100, and later to 85 — perfectly within the normal range. Wheezy’s 2 veterinarians said that such a reversal of blood sugar levels almost never happens. In fact, neither had seen it in their careers.  One had actually recommended putting Wheezy down. After Thomas’s treatments, she lived another year.  Wheezy’s kidney function also returned to normal. Insulin injections were stopped altogether.

  • Psycho-spiritual Healings & Expanded Consciousness

    Reiki-trained, Nancy’s perception of Thomas’s energy field

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    “It’s a very potent and intense energy.  Very different from Reiki energy.  It feels as if it is so potent that it’s almost instantly a complete healing….  Truly fascinating!  His energy was broader and somehow denser than Reiki energy.”

  • Janice: Physical pain (arm, shoulder & foot)

    “Amazing perceptual shift”

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    “My whole right side was illuminated with warmth as you were working. I also experienced a lot of colors, and crown sensations. I was woozy after getting up off the table. But most of all, I felt a sort of surrender — this sensation continued into the next day very strongly. It was the feeling of giving up some of the things I have been agonizing over. Almost like I didn’t care anymore. This was an amazing perceptual shift.”

     Janice describes an extraordinary state — a letting go of beliefs that once held meaning, but which no longer serve. It may include feeling unconditional love.

  • Michele: Physical pain (foot)

    Major increase in energy flow

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    “My first session was deeply relaxing, and I was very aware of an increased flow of energy throughout my body. My eyes were closed as Dr. Beck worked, yet I could ‘feel’ his hands move from one place to the next, due to the presence of considerable heat emanating from his hands. At no time were his hands actually placed on my body. That night, I slept very deeply, and awoke just at dawn with an extreme sense of pleasure and peace.”

  • Evelyn: Neck disc and nerve damage

    Blue healing aura

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    “Initially, I feel heat and warmth. I see a blue, healing sort of warmth around my neck. Then it lingers in a kind of aura like there is a bubble around part of my neck. And this heat remains for two or three days … I have more mobility.”

  • Pierre: Severe childhood trauma

    Expanded awareness and bliss

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    Pierre suddenly now sees the world as “3-dimensional rather than as a flat portrait, for the first time in my life.”

    For the second time in several weeks, Pierre experienced absolute bliss. He also had a boost of energy when Thomas lightly touched his left shoulder. He confirms that some powerful energetic process took place. “It was an energy, a fullness or completeness. I felt so connected. I feel weightless. I am in control of me and I am not afraid! This is the most powerful softness. It was like a lightning bolt struck me.”

  • Leesa: Dramatic shift in consciousness

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    [Following an energy session] “I was sitting in a restaurant when all of a sudden it felt as though an energy came into me — into my core solar plexus. It vibrated, and I could hear my long lost mother’s voice. The inside of my body vibrated to that resonance. It was a profound physical experience. My energy and consciousness shifted dramatically. To be honest, the whole week has been different. Talking about it I can still remember that feeling. It brought me to tears just sitting there. Physically moved me to tears. Really intense.”

  • Kinsley: Auditory damage

    Deep calmness

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    “During the session there were waves of sensations through my torso, arms, neck and head. Finding stillness within and ALLOWING unconditional love to flow — came like waves washing over me. My right ear had a spiral, uncoiling sensation during and after the session. My breath was expanded, and I had a deep calm ALL OVER. The rest of the day I felt calm, relaxed, content, un-rushed, unified and completely authentic. My breathing remained deep, and stillness was ever-present.”

  • Lauren, and her sister, Audrey

    Remote awareness

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    Thomas worked on Audrey, who reported feeling heat and electrical stimulation emanating from his hands. Surprisingly, while focusing on Audrey, her sister Lauren (8 ft. away), began feeling energy. Lauren felt intense physical energy coursing through her that persisted until Thomas ceased working with her sister. At that instant, Lauren ceased feeling energy.

Dee Ann: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & stroke from auto accident.

Prognosis: Vegetative to minimally-responsive, with left-side paralysis.

Recovered speech, mobility, and complete upper, left-side strength.

Post accident:  Sixteen year old Dee Ann was placed in a medically-induced coma for 4 weeks.  Dr. Beck treated Dee Ann during that coma, and thereafter (Oct. 2015 - Sept. 2017).  When he met Dee Ann in ICU Children’s Hospital, she was expected to remain minimally responsive indefinitely.  She was fully paralyzed on her left side and her visual cortex was not functioning.  She could neither speak nor move volitionally.

Dee Ann has presently recovered much of her speech; she can stand unassisted for 30 minutes, climb stairs, ambulate with walker, and is regaining her ability to play piano.  Her once paralyzed left arm is now stronger than her right arm. Dee Ann has made a remarkable recovery in their two years of working together.

Dee Ann’s Visually Evoked Potential (VEP).

No response initially (light lines) in visual cortex.

After energy healings, VEP is normal (dark lines).

Dee Ann’s mother: “In Nov. (2015), Dee Ann underwent a VEP (visual evoked potential) which showed very minimal activity in the visual processor of her brain. Seattle Children's Hospital Ophthalmology Dept. described it as “barely recording.” Dr. Beck focused energy on her visual cortex for several sessions.

On her next (VEP) exam in Feb. (2016), the doctor said he doubted there would be a change. After the exam, he said that she had improved so much that her visual processor had one normal reading, and most of her results were close to normal. He said it was remarkable, and he hadn't seen an improvement like that before.”

Dee Ann’s mother: “Thank you, Dr. Beck.  Your steadfast belief in Dee Ann’s recovery helped me to stay strong.”

Scientific Evidence of Brain Changes During Energy Medicine

An ongoing study is measuring Thomas's brainwave activity using Quantitative EEG (QEEG) during energy healing sessions. Brainwaves of 2 volunteers have also been measured. A preliminary analysis by Dr. Juan Acosta-Urquidi shows highly significant results.

QEEG Brainwave Analysis

Thomas Beck is undergoing QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) to access his brain wave data during energy medicine sessions. (See above slide show) Two QEEG specialists, Dr. Salvatore Barba and Dr. Juan Acosta-Urquidi, will determine scientifically what makes his brain and CNS unique as a healer. They seek to understand what brain wave frequencies and brain structures allow him to assist people in healing.

Dr. Juan Acosta-Urquidi, a QEEG expert, has worked with numerous advanced healers and spiritual teachers. He has had the honor to observe and test energy healers using the following modalities: Bioenergetic, Crystals, Pranic, Qi Gong, Reiki, Shamanic, Sound, Therapeutic Touch, and Matrix Energetics. His expertise will shed light on the neurological underpinnings of the ability to help people heal from physical illness, and to advance them spiritually. Energy medicine is the medicine of the future that healers such as Thomas Beck are practicing now.

Non-touch Energy Healing

Thomas works with the energy field that surrounds our physical body. His healing method is non-touch.  The heat emanating from Thomas’s hands is often tangible; electrical energy, pressure, heaviness or waves of energy are often felt. One’s hands, feet or other muscles may move or twitch from the electrical impulses. People may feel a sense of deep relaxation, calmness or expansive oceanic awareness. Many report a greatly enhanced sense of well-being. A heightened visual acuity, sense of smell — or other sensory enhancements are sometimes experienced.

Thomas is guided primarily by the energy that he feels in his hands. He is not a clairvoyant and does not diagnose illness. When the session is completed, his energized hands often pull back spontaneously, telling him that’s enough for one session. It is not uncommon for Thomas to feel healing presences enter the room. His clients may feel these presences as well. Healing is a whole-body experience, and a multi-dimensional one at that.

The Awakening of a Healer

Thomas developed his energy healing abilities after decades of deep meditation, often 3 hrs/night.  During meditation, he experienced intense body movements known as Kriya’s — a physical manifestation of awakened Kundalini, such as spontaneous body movements related to Kundalini energy flow. Thomas has experienced the awakening of a powerful energetic process that ultimately focused on both hands.

Thomas has had numerous spontaneous occurrences of super-connectedness to all of Creation. During unitive states, he connected with the vast consciousness that underlies all of Creation; he also re-connected with the diminutive, female Being — known as “Cosmic Mother” —  whom he first encountered as a young child. With her help, he rapidly evolved his ability to facilitate healing for more than 40 people (and his beloved cat, Wheezy).  His energetic process continues to evolve with her assistance.

Healing Through Resonance

A vital part of the healing process is grounding the energy in the Earth. Thomas visualizes a cord running from both wrists into the floor, and down into the ground.  This grounds the process in the vibrations of the Earth, otherwise known as the Schumann resonances (7.83 cycles/second). This resonance corresponds to brainwaves in the Theta brainwave frequency — of deep meditative relaxation. Healing is also enhanced by the energetic resonances between Thomas and the person seeking healing.

Thomas may ask clients to visualize a safe, natural setting such as a warm tropical beach or old growth forest. They are asked to visualize the specific problematic tissue, for example, chronic lower back pain or kidney disease, undergoing healing.  We do not need to know exactly how the body heals itself, simply visualize it as best you can. The energy healing may take from a few minutes to 15 minutes, depending upon the individual and the issues treated.


Janet Colli, Ph.D.
Thomas Beck, Ph.D.
206.329.9235 (Seattle)
360.678.7737 (Whidbey Island)

The Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave. N., Ste. 341
Seattle, Washington 98103, also
Coupeville (Whidbey Island)

For over 20 years as a transpersonal psychotherapist, Dr. Thomas Beck helped to radically restructure psyches—on a higher level of functioning. Now, through his own transformation, Thomas helps people heal from a wide range of physical illnesses through energy transmission.

Thomas’s own neuro-physiological restructuring was initiated through a Kundalini awakening.  Interactions with “Cosmic Mother,” along with other spiritual practices, led to his profound healing gift.  Thomas believes we spiritually awaken and heal—through the unconditional love of the Almighty Spirit.

His first book, The End of Homo Sapiens: And the Birth of a New Species, is a compelling account of humanity’s spiritual awakening.

Energy Medicine sessions

Initial body-mind assessment & treatment, 1-hour session, $165

Includes signed copy of:
The End of Homo Sapiens: And the Birth of a New Species

Additional sessions: 1/2 hour, $85

Dr. Beck recommends 4 - 6 sessions to fully balance the body.


In remission, or reduction / elimination of symptoms, and recovery of function.

Arthritis (hands)
Arythmia of Heart (De-synchronization)
Asthma / Bronchitis
Auto-immune Disorders (Eczema, Guillain-Barre, Hashimoto’s)
Bursitis (knees)
Chronic-fatigue Syndrome
Deep Vein Thrombosis (legs, pelvis)
Digestive Disorders (severe, debilitating constipation / diarrhea)
Genetic Keinbock’s Disease (wrist bone) & Nerve Damage
Kidney Disease (Stage-3, moderate)
Osteoarthritis (lower back)
Ovarian Cysts
Pain, Chronic Debilitating (knees, lower back, shoulder)
Traumatic Brain Injury (auto accident)

Energy Medicine & Thomas Beck

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours,

healing was accomplished by moving energy.

— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate, 1937

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