Once I Loved You 3:51

Angelica 3:25

Border Love 4:35


“I focus on romantic and spiritual LOVE.
Expansion, elevation, bliss...


My true aspiration is to achieve heightened states of consciousness through my music.


Its simple beauty of voice and guitar creates the perfect expression of etheric love and emotion.”




Thomas Beck




Vocals: Thomas Beck

Guitar: Steve Trembley Recorded and mastered

by Steve Trembley


Release date:




Pop / Easy Listening

New Age / Inspirational Crossover Country


A lyricist's response to “Once I Loved You”:

Oh my.  My heart is weeping... stunning! Wow. I am savoring the moment, the beautiful gift  in your voice.  I feel a deep resonance with the Cosmic energy of the infinite as I listen, absorb, perhaps entrain.  Really, no words can describe what my body feels.

Love... I just know it's of a Divine nature.  THANK YOU.  What a treasure.  I am going to use this piece as a lullaby for  a deep healing sleep tonight.


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